Thought On A Rustic Backyard Wedding

Right now I’m just in the looking at options stage of planning, but the more I think about our wedding the more I realize we might have to have a backyard wedding due to finances. That would be fine if my (grand parents) barn/backyard looked anything like the backyards that come up on google and the knot- huge, elegant lawns.

Right now I am not sure if that would be a rustic wedding, but they seem to be the thing going around and if I call it that it would be less of an “Oh she is going to get married in her grandparent’s yard,” sort of thing. I found a picture that makes it sort of seem like you can do what you want. You can find the chard with rustic wedding or hipster here just scroll down the page a little. And yeah, it is your wedding so I guess you can do what you want.

I’d be dealing with a decent sized open yard, but patchy crab grass and assorted shrubs enclosed by a brick wall. This is so helpful but doesn’t appear to be ideal for backyard weddings. Has anyone seen a good website or inspiration for rustic backyard wedding options? The date is set for spring so that would work out for the outdoor part.

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